The general purpose of this website is to help you figure out the best and easiest way to homeschool your children, (or child). It is also to provide you with tips and tricks that will help to make homeschooling fun, easy, and effective for you. The final purpose of this website is to promote the Ron Paul Curriculum, which is the homeschool curriculum that has finally brought me peace.

Now, let me share a little about myself. I am a high school student who has spent more than eight years in public school. I have also spent more than two years being homeschooled, and have tried out multiple curriculums. Now I am a homeschooler, and a student of the Ron Paul Curriculum. As a student in this curriculum, I have been assigned many writing prompts, which can be read and viewed here.

Throughout my academic career, I have experienced “school” in nearly every definition of the word. I have gone from private school to public schools, (four different ones in three different states), from public school to homeschool and back, before finally returning to homeschool. For this reason, I feel that I know a bit about different types of schools, and their merits and faults.

Why this Homeschool Curriculum?

The reason my parents and I finally settled on homeschool, and on the Ron Paul Curriculum in particular, was simple. We knew that homeschool was providing me with a better education than public school. The homeschool curriculum that was easiest to use and learn from was the Ron Paul Curriculum. It also simultaneously provided the highest quality education. You can click here to go to the Ron Paul Curriculum website and purchase it if you choose to.

I hope that this website can help you learn more about homeschool – reality homeschool, not stereotypical homeschool – and therefore help you give your children the education they deserve.

Note: On the Ron Paul Curriculum Info tab, you can learn more about the RPC, how it works, its qualifications and advantages, and how it has personally benefited me.

Click here to go to the Ron Paul Curriculum website.